Influence This | Episode 14: Randa Chehab

Dec 19, 2023

Randa Chehab is the Executive Director of India Water Project. Their goal is to ease the burden on women and girls, throughout the underserved communities of India by providing clean, safe, easily-accessible, sustainable and environmentally sound sources of clean water. Chehab graduated from Smith college with a BA in Developmental Psychology, and a BA in medicine from UW-Madison as a Physician Assistant, and received her Masters in Global Health from Northwestern University. She is a long time student and teacher of yoga, owning her own studio in Bozeman, MT from 2001-2017. She began yearly trips to India in 2006, and has taught internationally since 2009. In 2011, she was introduced to her mentor, Eve Ensler in India during the V-DAY’s ONE BILLION RISING global campaign to end violence against women and girls. Randa moved to South India in 2019 to open a homestay and yoga center, focusing on implementing a yoga program to help address women’s and girls trauma. The double disasters of the 2020 COVID pandemic and Cyclone AMPHAN devastated the NGO she partnered with. When asked what they needed in the days following the cyclone, they responded with a desperate need for clean, accessible water. Randa is currently living in Bozeman with her two dogs, and is fighting the court system in India, who have since denied her Visa and passport to get back into the country. For more info on her project please check out: