Submissions are now open for Bomb Snow Issue #30!

The next issue of Bomb Snow is printing Fall 2024 and will be inspired by the artists that join us. We believe passion works best when it is a celebration of the Great Outdoors. To this end, we are seeking submissions of art, photography, and writing that speak to the unmatched brilliance and fragility of our natural world - and how we adapt our favorite forms of recreation to these ever-changing landscapes. From the mountains to the sea and the rivers in between, we are interested in ALL of it for our Photo and Art issue; surfing, skateboarding, mountain biking, climbing, mushroom hunting, kayaks, rafts, road trips, paragliders and, of course, any of our beloved snow and gravity arts. We will still be accepting more general submissions, but on-theme submissions will be prioritized. We are not looking for staged pow shots, resort or real estate hand jobs, or any other standard brand of tired, corporate ski porn.

Give us the good stuff.

Photographs, paintings, sculptures, illustrations, visual story-telling, poetry, fiction, op-eds, mixed media, investigative journalism- you name it. Whatever your preferred path of self-expression, we want to see it. Got an old picture that you’ve always loved but other photo editors have dismissed, that’s exactly what we are after.

We want the real. The raw. The wonder-inducing.

Submission deadline is July 1st, 2024

Commercial concepts need not apply.


Why do we need your mailing address? We send magazines to each contributor once they are printed!

Photo Submission Specs:

  • Please include your first and last name in each file name

  • 2000 pixels on the long side

  • 150 dpi

  • JPEG format

  • Please limit your submission to 50 images or less per person *

If you are sending files that are over 20MB, please fill out this form and send your image files via WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google Drive to with your name and "Photo Submission" in the subject line.

Artwork Submission Specs:

  • Please include your first and last name in each file name

  • 2000 pixels on the long side

  • 150 dpi

  • JPEG, PDF, or PNG format

  • Please limit your submission to 15 files or less per person *

Written Submission Specs:

  • Please submit your writing sample as a Word Doc or Google Doc and include your first and last name in the file name

  • Please limit your submission to 1-2 writing samples per person *

Please email if you have any issues or questions about your submission.

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