It’s more than just ski porn... By: Sage Lawrence

This past weekend, Bomb Snow partnered with a local crew, Benshi Creative, to host a night of art, music, and film that embodied the alternative interests in the skiing community. While most will agree that a banger edit accompanied by a six-pack is a core source of entertainment, a curated evening involving such exceeds expectation.

The event was initiated with an art display, composed of a collection of pieces from diverse artists, ranging in style from watercolors to installation pieces. “The event was a wonderful mashup of music, art, and film” said Andrew Hoffman, who was one of the featured artists, “all of the artists in the show embodied the mountain lifestyle and were all avid riders and skiers. To show work with that subject matter, alongside the premiere of Mixtape was a unique experience that I haven’t been a part of before.”

As Snowmelt seltzers flowed from the bar, the crowd eagerly moved in towards the main stage to witness Bozeman’s own King Ropes, as they put on the first concert at the Rialto since COVID. Dave Hollier from King Ropes explained how “the energy of the crowd was so high and so positive we just got lifted up by it and played a super fun high energy set. We hope we get to do more with all these folks. These are our kind of people!” The band members demonstrated unabashed purpose in their play, breaking strings and smashing drums, setting the energy for the Benshi crew to take the stage.

Instead of handing out raffle tickets, Benshi’s Alex D’Agostino decided to maintain the energetic atmosphere by selecting volunteers for a chugging contest. With impressive and somewhat concerning speed, Scott Mooney destroyed his beer and the competition, proudly claiming a pair of Black Diamond skis as the grand prize.

The lights dimmed as Benshi’s newest ski film Mixtape began to play. The crowd knew this was no average film. The film had floating Walkman’s, grungy punk bands, elderly dancers, urban skiing in Butte, and Alaskan spines.

Parkin Costain, one of the skiers from Mixtape said this event was “one of the best shows I’ve been to in a long time. The bands were off the charts and the movie touched everyone’s heart strings. I’m so stoked to have been a part of it and gotten to experience the vibe that night.”

While it may be rare to have such a meaningful response to a ski movie, the narrative of the film itself was predicated on the concepts of chaos and order. The film explains, “Mixtapes were a medium where songs that had nothing to do with each other could live together in harmony. These songs, while random on their own, create a unique feeling you can only get from a mixtape.”

After the credits rolled, the screen came up and Ryan Curtis and his band took over. The crowd was poised for a rowdy party after the Sweet Protection crew decided to buy a round of drinks for the entire venue.

This event was a special night, where so many talented artists came together to put on the type of show that embodied the unique experience that Bozeman’s culture exudes. A night of art and partying, the Bozeman way. -S.L.

Did you miss the Bozeman Party?

We are coming to Missoula on Friday, October 29th for another showing of Benshi creatives new film, MIXTAPE.
We also have a a few more movies playing that evening listed below along with their trailers.


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Come join us and celebrate skiing at the inaugural Bomb Snow Film Festival. We’re playing 4 of this year’s best action films to get you stoked for this winter, including: “A Connection to Gravity” (16 minutes) by Wiley Miller, “Good Luck” (25 minutes) by Deviate films, “Mixtape” (18 minutes) by Benshi Creative, and “BrapSki 1” (23 minutes) by Crazy Karl. This 4-pack of grassroots independent films is guaranteed to get you stoked to go out and “send it” this winter. In honor of Halloween weekend, we’re inviting guest to show up in costumes. We will be awarding a brand new pair of K2 skis to the fan favorite best-dressed costume. Our costume theme is “gaper.” We will also have a raffle with thousands of dollars in gear from our sponsors including: K2 Skis, Dakine outerwear, Anon goggles, MoPros Mountain Equipment, FKNSNDR Gear, BombSnow, Fat Tire, and more. OCTOBER 29th at the WILMA theater in Missoula.



Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art | By James Nestor

It should go without saying that breathing is a fundamental part of our health and well-being. After all, if you stop breathing, you die. Even though we take about 25,000 gulps of air a day, within the first few pages of Breath, it becomes clear very quickly that most of us don’t know shit about breathing. And, more to the point, you are likely doing it all wrong. This book is the user’s manual for your respiratory system that you never knew you needed. In short, this book can and will change your life for the better.

After several years of research, including using himself as a test subject, and extensive interviews with the world’s foremost authorities on the subject, Nestor has penned not just a history of human breathing and all of the associated science, but he has also created a radical call to arms for those of us who breathe too fast, too often, and/or with our mouths. It is remarkable how many different things- from stress, hormone production, anxiety, and athletic performance to happiness, cognition, blood pressure, and your genitals- are impacted by your breathing habits. As an added bonus, Nestor’s background as a journalist who writes magazine features, means that the language and storytelling is sharp and lively. This is a science book written so well it almost takes your breath away.