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Bomb Snow TV Complete 3rd Season

Words BY:
Todd Heath


Every year the cycle is the same. The air gets colder and the first dustings of snow start blanketing the mountains as excitement grows in the gut of the ski community. Gradually, the snow begins to pick up, new lines begin to fill, electrifying the imaginations of observing locals. Winter's cold brings the occasional frost bite as it passes. Spring finally comes, the snowpack settles to rest, and a late storm brings optimal conditions. The following days are what every ski turn, cliff send, booter-session, and powder day of the season have lead up to. Join the Bridger Brigade as they put down their apr├Ęs beers, strap on their boots, fire up their sleds, rip out into the mountains, and FKNSNDR!!

Presented by: Blizzard Skis and Tecnica Ski Boots

Directed & Produced by: Bridger Brigade Productions

Edited by: Axel Peterson

Additional Footage by: Axel Peterson, Randy Evans, Rob Raymond, Steve Popovich

Ski stunt actors: Axel Peterson, Andrew Daigh, Blaine Gallivan, Brian Eckenrod, Colter Brehmer, Kyle Taylor, Randy Evans, Rob Raymond, Silas Chickering-Ayers


Join in on an exclusive look into the world of Dick Aspen and his entourage as they perform death defying stunts somewhere out in the wilderness of Shook Kitty Country.

Presented by: Blizzard Skis and Tecnica Ski Boots.

Directed, Produced and Edited by: Vinny T and Steve Popovich

Additional Footage: Sean Fithian- Thanks bud, we owe ya! Axel Peterson / Rob Raymond - Bridger Brigade Productions

Snow stunt actors: Dick Aspen, Thomas Vincent, Rob Raymond, Adrian Dingle, Matt Wainhouse, Sean Fithian, Ian Wood


In the modern day, a globalized ski industry has transformed the ski bum's dream ski trip into a worldwide powder conquest. What were once 30 hour pilgrimages across the mainland U.S. have become inter-continental journeys through foreign societies. In episode 2 of Bomb Snow TVs 3rd season, the classic ski bum is united with the modern. 4 skiers in their mid 20s join with 4 of their 30, 40, and 50 year old counterparts on an epic journey to the one and only, JAPAN!

Presented by: Blizzard Skis and Tecnica Ski Boots

Directed & Produced by: Bridger Brigade Productions

Edited by: Axel Peterson

Ski stunt actors: Marc Parent, Brian Eckenrod, Travis Andersen, Dylan Crossman, Axel Peterson, Rob Raymond, Randy Evans, & Mitch Evans

Special Thanks: Rusutsu Resort (Marc Wyckmans & Paul Hanlon), Kamui Ski Links (Kenji Matsuzama), Asahikawa Grand Hotel (Takenori Kasai), Niseko United (Rhett Roylance), Moriarty's Pub (Morgan Cavanaugh), Mike Rogge, Double D & Yoshi


Nestled deep in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia, the Boulder Hut welcomed the Bomb Snow TV crew back for their second year. Owned and operated by Mark and Sarah Yancey and their two children, the hut provides a true backcountry experience; an ideal back-drop of large mountains, tight chutes, steep couloirs, and gladed powder runs. Better snow conditions and beautiful weather made it possible for us to ski lines and build jumps in places we had been drooling over the previous winter. The boulder hut is an optimal place to unplug for a week and shred powder with your friends. For us, it is the ultimate way to check out.

Presented by: Blizzard Skis and Tecnica Ski Boots

Directed & Produced by: Bridger Brigade Productions

Edited by: Ben Goertzen & Axel Peterson

Ski stunt actors: Karl Fostvedt, Rob Raymond, Axel Peterson, Lars Chickering-Ayers, Ben Goertzen, McKenna Peterson, Mandy Torgerson, Colter Brehmer, Ty Guarino, & Kyle Taylor

THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD TIMES: Blizzard Skis, Tecnica Ski Boots, Bridger Brigade Productions, Vinny T's Unsweetened Films, The Radbots, Dick Aspen and all of the ski stunt actors who snow slid their asses off all season to make some really fun ass videos... PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST. - Bomb Snow


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