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Shred Language

Artwork BY:
Emil Orth
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ARE YOU A SKIER? If not, have you experienced being a confused patron at the bar, trying to wrap your mind around the incessant ramblings of the bros sitting next to you? Bomb Snow went undercover with two twenty-something professional Bozemanite women—who don’t ski—to find out their interpretations on some of our sports most prized vernacular.

WIND LIP- A wind burn on your lips from exposure to harsh weather
conditions. Wind lip is not good.You definitely want to grow a sweet stache over the winter to prevent this.

SLASH- Karate chop arm gestures while flying through the air... about to land a sick jump.

CORN- A heavy metal band. A vegetable?

CHUNDER- A terrible odor that occurs in ones underwear after skiing in moist conditions for multiple days in a row. “After a visit to the lodge and pounding some beers, I feel some chunder coming on.”

JIBBING- A game skiers play with their friends when they want to take a break. Whoever can throw their pole the farthest, wins. Noises and grunts are required during your throw.

BRO-BRAH- A skier chick or dude that has gained a reputation in the ski industry and all things in their life revolve around the sport.

"SINGLE!"- The relationship status of most Bro-brah’s during the ski season.

WHITE ROOM- The champagne room at ski resorts.

APRES- Amateur skiers that are flying uncontrollably down a ski run. “Check out that total après, he has no idea what he’s doing!”

TWIN-TIP- Is this like “sword fighting?”

BEACON- A walkie-talkie that also gives a GPS of its location while beeping loudly if an emergency occurs.

SLED LAPS- A run that skiers do at the end of the day.

SURFACE HOAR- A professional in the ski industry that is only in it for the fame and free perks.

BLOWER- This could mean many far as ski terms go, it means, a really windy day.


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