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Frank Moth, cover artist

Todd Heath

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Frank Moth creates nostalgic postcards from the future using the collage technique in a struggle between humility and eternity.

The alias, started in 2014, became a way for two-separate artists to create things together under one name while concealing their true identities as they worked two “professional” jobs in Greece. The main person behind Frank Moth is a self-taught artist who’s been designing for many years from gig posters to mixtape covers. The compositions are mainly human-centered, and the presence of the human element is obvious, yet perpetually incomplete. There’s always something missing, interrupted, or covered-up.

Frank Moth uses people from older decades, retro colors, luscious florals, space elements, weird patterns and natural textures to convey messages of depersonalization-derealization, revival, rebirth, insecurity, and obsession. Their art represents an awkward, frantic effort to find God and eternity, under the potentially wrong axes of nostalgia for the past and instability of a sci-fi future. -We love it.

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