Bomb Snow 2.0: Winter 2021

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124 pages, perfect-bound, 100pd cover, 70 pd Matte throughout. 80% content, 20% ads. Included with this issue will be a custom bumper sticker: “At least it’s not a Sprinter.” All orders ship February 15th, 2021.


At Bomb Snow, we deliver a product that’s less corporate, more raw and a lot more artistic than other ski mags. Our fusion of skiing and snowboarding, art, music, and love for the environment has inspired our readership for over 15 years and has helped us stand out.

As the Mountain West continues it’s staggering growth, we aspire to be an outlet for creative expression, humor, and good times in the mountains.

This year we’ve decided to create a themed issue and ask our contributors the question- What Really Matters?

In this issue you will find personal, thoughtfully reflective stories about life in the mountains, why the soul of skiing matters, perspective on the solar energy boom, why you should lie about your Instagram locations, ways to stretch your mind, body and spirit, and stories about the future of rivers in the west.

We also bring you all of the fun artist interviews, book reviews, music, photography and humor you’ve come to expect over the years from Bomb Snow Magazine but with a bit more maturity and love.

From the chairlift to the trailhead, at the put-ins and on top of the peaks; time and again, we see the best of humanity when we are enjoying the outdoors together.

At Bomb Snow, we are here to harness the passion, acknowledge that we all have a stake in the game and celebrate possibility, positivity and progress.

Your contribution to independent media keeps our spirit alive and well in a world distracted by negative media. Help keep the stoke alive with your purchasing power.

We’ve got a mountain to climb, join us.