The Poutine Highway: A Dirtbag’s list for Stoke.

By: Todd Heath

For us, ski trips seldom start without road trips, so we took one last winter. We drove a solid 14 hours through northwest Montana, into the infamous Kooteney north country, up and over Roger’s Pass, and into the town of Revelstoke, British Columbia. Our initial plan was to score deep powder, which was scarce in the lower 48 during the 2011-12 winter season. Upon arrival, it was clear: a nasty high-pressure system had followed us, and we were going to be burdened with bitterly cold, hard pack conditions. We spent a few days exploring Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s (RMR) slack-country and schralping the remainder of a week-old storm on Roger’s pass before we resorted to enjoying everything else the “Stoke” had to offer. We revised our plan, and ventured back to the big city to embark on a mission.  We had decided to figure out who has the best poutine, amongst other apres-type deals and fun facts. The plan also included formulating a Dirtbag’s List of Revy’s DO’s and DON’Ts. I only came up with a list of DO’s, because I’m not your mom.

DO: The Cabin. Make sure to check out the Cabin on Mondays for cheap six-pin bowling and alcohol infused root beer floats. The Cabin is a lounge bar, bowling alley, and snowboard shop; all rolled into one. A definite DO.

DO: Get yourself a Coopers food card. You will save a heap. If you buy one you get a card plus two key chain cards and it’s free. Three for Free!

DO: The Last Drop Bar. Head to The Last Drop Bar on Tuesday for some $5 wings and fries with $4 dollar pounders of pilsner.  As far as we could tell, this was one of the best dirt-bag hangouts.

DO: The River City Pub…after the Last Drop for Toonie Tuesday. The Pilsner comes in child-size glasses, but it’s still a decent deal if you want to venture further than The Last Drop. It’s the best live music venue in town. Acts like Sweatshop Union, amongst other mostly white rappers, make stops here throughout the season.

DO: Big Eddy Pub. Wing Wednesday. Two-fur wings.

DO: Benoits Wine Bar has great deals all week long. Whiskey Wednesday was our fine group’s personal fave; with two-dollar-off scotches all night. They also serve a dank fondue and cheese plate for $5 off on Mondays.

DO: Nico’s.  It’s a good option for cheap, late-night pizza. The sushi place is also the bomb (I misplaced the name), and so is the Indian food at Paramjit’s. Check ‘em out.

DO: The mountain has a shuttle.  I’m not sure on the schedule, but it’s a good option for post bar rides home.

DO: Stoked Yoga: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the base. It’s on-the-hill yoga in your long-johns for all of you go-getters out there who want to meet a betty. Mats are provided and long-johns are optional.

DO:  Farmer’s Market. Go buy some good food, neat crafts, and other
local products at the Revelstoke Community Center from 2–5 p.m, every Thursday, throughout the winter.

DO: Check out the Revelstoke Curling club. Fridays offer the cheapest beers and five dollar curling.

DO: Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: try a heaping pile Poutine at The Village Idiot Bar. It’s called Hugo’s Homage and it’s Revelstoke’s best poutine, made the right way: Homemade gravy and humongous, real cheese curds. The Poutine served in the mid mountain lodge at RMR is also a good contender, but it’s a bit spendy.

The Best thing about Canadian ski resorts, other than the massive terrain, endless powder, lively night life and welcoming locals is that you can dirt-bag it in the parking lot for the whole season! Although lame ass policies at the majority of American resorts have pretty much banned this winter lifestyle, the wonderful management at RMR welcomes car campers and RV-ers alike to park overnight on-premises all season long. What a sensible idea. Did someone say, “road trip”?

* Disclaimer- Being a non-resident, I am sure that my list contains some discrepancies and oversights. To justify these, I must add that this list was made from iPhone notes, most of which were taken while drinking heavily. If any Revy locals would like to add to the list or call me out, Please email: Thanks, Sarah and crew at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort, for putting us up at the Sutton Hotel. We thoroughly enjoyed our time up- north and really appreciated the generous hospitality. We’ll be seeing you again soon.

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