The Gathering – Red Mountain B.C.

Throwback Photo Week 

Recently, several local artists had the pleasure of hosting a slide show at Bomb Snow HQ for one of the godfathers of modern ski culture and photography, Ace Kvale.  We assembled a small group of enthusiastic locals the first night and Ace did not disappoint.  I left the show and after-party feeling inspired, and somehow strangely rejuvenated.  A couple of days later, Bernie and Ace invited me to Canada with them to attend The Gathering at Red Mountain in Rossland B.C.  With the end of the season rapidly approaching, I had to make the obvious choice and join them on what would become a legendary trip.

While the girls were distracting most of the old-farts, Bruno Long caught this shot of local Rossland ripper, Trace Cooke, throwing the only invert of the day. Notice… I was paying attention and throwing out the rocker horns in an awesome sweater, eh!


It seems that lately there’s been a ton of respect being thrown out for fun, funky, 80’s ski culture.  American extreme skiing was created in the 80’s and has undoubtedly had a profound influence on a whole generation of skiers.  I’m one of those skiers that fall slightly at the older end of the X generation spectrum.  I was born in 1970 and was a complete ski addict by the 80’s.  I’m a true product of 80’s ski culture.

We watched “Hot Dog…The Movie” at least 200 times in my high school years.  We skied our asses off every weekend and thought that Greg Stump was a genius.  Pictures and posters torn from the pages of Powder Magazine lined our bedroom walls.  We were fired up about skiing!  So it’s of no surprise that I jumped at the chance to attend The Gathering.  The line-up included ski photographer legends: Ace Kvale, Mark Shapiro, Hank DeVre, and long-time Powder photo editor, Dave Reddick.  I grew up admiring these guys and have followed a life undeniably influenced by them.  It has been an awesome time!

Ten cameras...18 breasts


Did you get the shot? Did you get it!


Shapiro was going for the closeups! So Busted!


There were also two nights of inspiring photo presentations from the legends, as well as a talented lineup of rising photographers from all around the Canadian ski world.  There was a roast to celebrate Dave’s 20 years at Powder, an 80’s Rocker & Groupie party at the infamous Rafters Bar, and a bikini bbq and photo shoot organized by Ace and Marko at the Start Shack on the hill.  There had to be at least 500 shots taken that afternoon.  The weekend was capped-off with the slush cup pond skim in front of the lodge (costumes highly encouraged) followed with vivacious drinking and dancing by everyone.  This is a must see event for any true beer drinking, ski junkie.  It was phenomenally awesome and I loved it.  Travis Andersen – Keeping the dream alive.

The first night presenters


Ace gets dragged up on stage by the dancers


Hank signs the shot ski at the Phaat Cabin


Light reading on top of Roberts


Ace and Travis in his awesome US Ski Team sweater




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