126 New Products You Won’t See

Bomb Snow editor Alex Buecking thanking the bear for such an uplifting weekend.

By Gavin Gibson

Failure has Ferrari red eyes, twitchy fingers, and sweaty socks that have been through at least two crust/melt cycles. It’s 5:30pm on Saturday, and I’ve reunited with the Bomb Snow team for the first time since they stepped over my pathetic shell this morning upon exiting our Denver hotel room. Inside the nearby Denver Convention Center, live music blasts, booze pours, and hundreds of high-fives mark the start of another bro-sweat soaked evening. It’s Day 3 of 4 at the Snowsports Industry of America trade show, and the Bomb Snow team is calling it quits. We wordlessly stumble into our station wagon and begin assessing the last few days, and how we totally blew it.

Our crew of four missed the early signs of defeat on the drive down. Bomb Snow Chief  Motivator Todd Heath spent a dangerous percentage of our budget on sliced turkey. We missed a turn, and nearly visited North Dakota. A case of beer disappeared between Bozeman and Denver. Our advertisement dealer Amy wound up in the back of a cop car within 30 minutes of arriving in the Mile High City. Regardless of our misadventures, we maintained optimistic.

Day 1

SIA, for the uninitiated, is the snow industry’s public relations carnival. Every major North American snow sports brand makes an appearance, from Tubbs Snow Shoes, to Burton. It’s highlights include lavish product exhibits, a mountain of shop owners/employees, athletes, and industry employees. Capturing the spectacle, are no less than 30 different magazines and websites, all hell bent on getting readers THE GEAR YOU NEED TO SEE. After arriving unacceptably late due to our inability to handle city traffic, I made a beeline for the coffee instead of the show. By 10am I manage to start sweating dark roast, perfect for my first meeting. It fails miserably after I explain that I don’t need to see their new line of skis.

“We’re not doing formal gear reviews anymore,” I reply.
“What are you doing with your content?” the Marketing Manager asks incredulously.
“We’re focusing on actual stories, or entertainment instead.”
“Good luck with that theory.”

I stood perplexed while the marketing manager grabbed a man with a wheelchair and a camcorder and asked him if he would like to see the new line? I brushed off the rejection and headed to the beer line where Bomb Snow Chief Motivator Todd Heath stood already. And so the pattern of confusion and Coors began.

Day 2

The morning starts off with a walk 15 blocks in the wrong direction of the convention center. Thanks to an old school VOKE Tab formula, no one got a wink of sleep. In fact, our hands were still shaky when we got to the convention center, and it wasn’t like the coffee was helping slow us down. Light on meetings and high on time, Editor Alex Buecking and I decided to go shoot products for a web gallery entitled “127 Products That Will Boost Our Page views,” but got stuck shooting beards in the ON3P booth. Then leather shoes. Then the blue bear. Then each other. Fast forward to 5PM and the whole convention center is already drunk and looking for free handouts at booths whose products we know nothing about. While escaping an elderly woman tells us she doesn’t need to get high because she is already losing it. Losing it.

Best featured product winning the "Gas Station" Category

Day 3
If there is a god, I’m convinced he’s turned a blind eye on Denver ever since they dumped Tebow. My skull vibrates mercilessly. I investigate the merits super gluing my eyes open. When my first meeting fails thanks to my disinterest in gear coverage, I drop into autopilot and exit out the back of my skull.

Somewhere, between a dusty water fountain and a heap of empty Emergen-C Packets, I regain composure.  The day drags by, aided by beverages at every booth. The entire Convention Center is leaning. Well, except the dude measuring ramp angles on bindings by hand, he’s still saving the world.
I stumble into the parking garage wondering if I can making a living measuring ramp angles.

Back in the sanity of Alex’s Station Wagon, we swear off everything but e-cigarettes and coffee. No one has any words on the week. Denver can keep that disappointment. Our weary eyes point north.

Thirty minutes later a tipped semi in the highway proves to be an hour delay. After a coin toss, we find ourselves in a hotel bar in Casper, Wyoming. Jello shots, frozen pizza, and karaoke with a strange little man named Ray. Ray thinks we rock. Mission accomplished. One convert. We did it.

Watch out folks, Bomb Snow plays for keeps.


Casper was going off at this years Bomb Snow after-party at Dukes Lounge inside the famous Ramada Inn Plaza. Check out Ethel May blasting out some quality Karaoke with Point Break playing in the background.

Below is what you’ve all been waiting for, some of this year’s best product from the SIA Show:

Hands down the best overall product at SIA this year.


Runner up in the same booth, we have the Aladdin meets Dances with Wolves combo vest. Stellar.


Tipped Semi led us to the coin flip outside of Casper, WY


We found out where T-Rice got his inspiration from: Water trucks.


Still not sure what this is exactly, oh well, when in Rome!


Trevor from ON3P sporting a great beard, Made in the USA!


This pretty much sums up our MO.


The Bomb Snow after-party went off in Casper, thanks everyone.




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