Phrase Most Commonly used by Skiers and Snowboarders According to State*

*(Region where skiers are too low frequency to measure)

Washington:  “Do you got any trash bags?”

Oregon: “Cascade Concrete”

Northern California: “That’s hella Gnar Points Dude.”

Southern California: “You can surf, and ride Big Bear in the same day, you know?”

Arizona: “There’s skiing in Tucson.”

New Mexico: “Just lean back and let drive, bro.”

Utah: “Was that a Pro?”

Colorado: “Dude, I am so High Right Now.”

Nevada: “Reno is actually a ski town.”

Idaho: “Sun Valley has the best groomers.”

Montana: “Cold Smoke.”

North Dakota: “I gotta get out of this man camp.”

South Dakota: “Oh, you mean Terry Hill?”

Wyoming: “You goin’ up the pass?”

Minnesota: “How’s the park?”

Wisconsin: “The cheese curds melted in my boot bag!”

Michigan: “Mt. Brighton, you got anything better than that?”

Ohio: “Get off the rope tow, there’s too many people on it.”

Kansas and Nebraska: “It’s only 7 hours to Denver.”

Missouri:  “Do you guys sell those air bag backpack things here?”

Texas: “Do ya’ll rent snow pants?”

The South: “Where do they keep the moguls?”

West Virginia: “Where are my ski sticks?”

Maine:  “This isn’t cold.”

*Vermont:  “Please tell me how rad you got at Mad River last weekend.”

New Hampshire: “Do you like ice fishing?”

“Got them Raw’kas? I heard they’re the best in the chowda’.”

Rhode Island: “Are the Celtics on?”

Connecticut: At Vail…

Pennsylvania: “Where’s the shuttle bus?”

New Jersey: “It’s fuckin’ beautiful!”

New York: “Is there night skiing?”

*Ryan Rubino if anybody is going to claim anything.

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