shhRed Lodge – Best pow in the Rockies

Photos: Axel Peterson   Words: Henry Worobec

The early season conditions for the Rocky Mountains are the worst they’ve been in years. Tired of long ascents to low angle wind slabs or lapping one of the two rock studded groomers at the local resort, we clung to the rumor that Red Lodge Mountain had twice the base of our surroundings. Naysayers jabbed, “Yeah, have a fun time at Rock Dodge,” but Bomb Snow sent it and can now retort, “Suck my rooster tail!”


                                                                                               KT getting in a dawn booter sesh.

                                                                                                               Henry taking it Deep!

On the first Friday of December, we drove the 2+ hours from Bozeman and arrived into the Red Lodge lot  around 11 am to plenty of free parking right in front of the lodge. Tracked mostly by faithful locals and weekend warriors from Billings, Red Lodge also sees a few powder hungry mid-westerners making the I-90 pilgrimage West to the first significant mountain range, the Beartooths. Local schralper, Justin Modroo took us to the Headwaters area which we lapped till closing, finding few tracks, mobbing through glades, and sinking balls deep into pow. Eight inches of fresh fell on top of the fifteen from the past 48 hours. Saturday night, another foot fell, and with single digit temperatures, we were swimming in some of the deepest, lightest snow we had ever seen. We rode the high speed Coal Creek lift till we couldn’t walk and retired to the Yodler Motel for in-room steam showers followed by the most solid après-ski in Southwest Montana. What was originally planned to be one day, in and out, turned into four days of getting neck deep in cold smoke and X-mas stroll shenanigans. Skiing with Axel, Kyle, Randy, Lucy, Henry, Kelsey, Andrew and Modroo.

Many thanks go out to Jeff and Paul at RLM, The Modroo Ranch, The Yodler Motel, Jodi, MHS, and Anjin!


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