Paint The Town White: David Steele Season Edit

Chasing turns often involves a hell of a lot more than setting a quick skin track. When he’s not skiing, David Steele paints his way to his powder. He teamed up with Bobby Jahrig to produce this edit about his daydreams while working.
We hit Steele up mid-workday to ask his thoughts on this season edit. Paint fumes in full effect, his response comes straight from the place he goes while waiting for snowfall:

“The silence of pines in snow is not that of quiet desperation. Instead, that stillness becomes a place where focus narrows, honing thought and action. A point is forged. One that threads itself through the stands, uphill and then, pausing, pushing off, back down.” -DS

Here’s more from David’s Vimeo page:

Who knows how long I’ll paint houses to pay my student loans. How many more trips to new skylines will fit on the odometer. What the changing climate will do to the snow that starts high, fills in the runs from the summit down. And just like the nonsense that will always be there, the freedom and identity found on pair of skis remains steadfast. From Denali to Nelson to the hill I grew up skiing in Montana, there’s certainty. Buzz in the parking lot. Stoke on the skin track. Joy as I’ve ever known it, free as every flake that falls.


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