Music Mondays // Bomb Snow // May 21st 2012

GROUP: The Menzingers

ALBUM: On the Impossible Past

LABEL: Epitaph; 2012

The Menzingers share the Epitaph roster with Agnostic Front, Bad Religion, NOFX, and Rancid just to name a few heavies.  On the Impossible Past features serious, fast, tight, catchy, and occasionally funny punk rock and depending on your age it can be a mental vacation of a thoughtful, nostalgic kind.  “Gates” is the heart-breaker here and scans like an old Hold Steady or even Bruce Springsteen song – kids getting drunk, going to house parties, and falling for women.  “Mexican Guitars” is probably the clearest distillation of their strengths, with lyrics that look back in mock seriousness (“the bands you loved in high school!”) and forward with false anticipation (“which road that I could take to get to Mexico?”).  Anthemic and catchy, wry and kind of sad, this one by The Menzingers is as flawless a melodic punk album as one is likely to find in 2012. - Michael Clifford  Check out their website here:

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