Million Dollar Hole

 Million Dollar Hole: By Meg Haywood-Sullivan

Land of cowboys, no income taxes, and a seemingly endless supply of pow pow. Yes, there is more fur on tourists than on the local wild life, and yes, that cutie you’re eyeing at the bar is probably older than your mom thanks to some expensive, but very appealing, plastic. But the snow is deep out here. My first time to Jhole was met with a nice dusting of 11 inches of fresh. Merry Christmas I do say. The resort was incredibly expansive, with steep terrain to explore as far as the eye could see. With Teton Pass right around the corner, this place is a little bit of heaven. Riders and skiers hiking into the backcountry and hitchhiking back to their cars; pretty sweet lifestyle here, even with that $25 bison burger and being too broke to afford more than a couch to crash on. Giddy-Up!

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