Jamie Pierre: Interview and Farewell

Although Jamie Pierre had just recently moved to Big Sky, the Bomb Snow Team was fortunate enough to spend some quality days on the mountain with him skiing, taking photos and eventually getting to know Jamie as the genuine fun-loving guy he was.

The above interview was shot only a couple months ago, and was made with the soul purpose of portraying the Jamie Pierre we knew to the rest of the ski-world. The real behind the scenes Jamie who just wanted to ski and have fun. A down to earth guy who valued what was best for his family. Someone who wanted a quiet place with less distractions, less people and  more skiing.

It’s a damn shame we have to show this interview under the unfortunate circumstance that he is no longer with us. Our sincere hope is that at the very least, this interview will shed some light on a man who was often misunderstood for much of his career by those who never met him.

The Jamie we knew loved life, had a passion for going big and most importantly had a huge heart. Thanks for the good times and fond memories amigo. You will be greatly missed but always remembered. - Bomb Snow.


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2 Responses to “Jamie Pierre: Interview and Farewell”

  1. Travski says:

    Thanks Anjin and Todd for busting this video out. I think Jamie would have been proud to have it out there. Amee contacted me this morning and said Thanks so much. My thoughts and best wishes go out to her and the rest of the family. Rest in Pow Jamie, it was a pleasure to get to know you. Travis

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