G.N.A.R party big success!

All Photos: Mr. RW Wilson : www.rspctdesign.com

The G.N.A.R.  party was a huge success! Thanks so much to Dr. Robb Gaffney for making an appearance and showing us a great movie! Bozeman knows how to party in gnar fashion. The night went really smooth, all the way up to the cops showing up and shutting us down at 10:05. Good thing we started early, eh? Thanks again Bozeman for a great turnout, we can’t wait for the next round of shenanigans. Milton Menasco played a great first set, and we rolled into the night three kegs deep with a rowdy crowd of GNAR fans excited to see the show. See you next time, and remember to keep skiing weird! R.I.P. ( Rest in Powder) SHANE.

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