Colter Brehmer- Season Edit and Interview

The stoke was high when I got a call from Colter Brehmer last February.  He was asking about making a film trip happen and was willing to go wherever to get it done. We had just returned from three weeks in Revelstoke shooting BSTV Episode 2, and was looking forward to spending a few weeks in the backcountry of our homeland.  I told Colter to stop talking my head off and to get his ass to Bozeman.  He showed up the next day, and we had an amazing two weeks shooting together.  Colter’s constant excitement and drive to hit a feature a hundred times until he stomps the piss out of it, kept the crew going on the longest days.  Colter was a great addition to the crew this year, bringing a unique style and motivation to the team, and I am looking forward to traveling and filming this entire next winter with him.


Bomb Snow: 
Colter, looks like you had quite the season. Give us a rundown on last winter.

Colter Brehmer - Ya, I had one of the best seasons of my career. I started out in SLC where I am currently living. Skied a bunch with a couple buddies at Park City and filmed a bunch and just had a great time launching some jumps and sliding some rails. Spent a couple days in Little Cottonwood area building jumps and skiing some sick lines. I went back to my hometown Sun Valley, ID for a little while and shredded the park with some buddies I haven’t skied with in a long time, which was a blast.  Sun Valley is continuing to make their park sicker and sicker so mad props to them for making such a sweet park. I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted too in the Sawtooths backcountry, but was able to get out there for a couple days, which made things worth it. The Sawtooths are so untouched and so bad ass I definitely want to spend some time there this coming winter and explore some new zones. Then to the best part of the season…  I got to spend about a month out in Bozeman, MT with the Brigade and Bomb Snow crew! They showed me some of the most bad ass skiing I think I have ever seen in my life. We started out in Shook Kitty, WY… we then proceeded to go back to the Bozeman area and skied the backcountry in Big Sky, which was just mind blowing. Such a cool zone, I mean endless opportunities with sick lines, jump spots, and gnar-bar cliffs! That was last season in a nutshell for me.

BS-Any trips or moments in particular that stood out?

CB- I’d say the trip to MT was such a mind blowing trip for me because I have never been there and have always wanted to go. Also, the fact that I was with the best dudes you could ever ride with, made the trip stand out. Moments in particular… I would say all of them, but I have to add…MT nosebleeds are not fun… #YOLO

BS-You grew up ski racing. Then competed in park and pipe for a few years. Are you still competing, or are you over organized comps?

CB- Yes, I grew up ski racing and it was a blast until my coach wanted me to stop bringing my twin tips to all the race events and stop skipping inspections on the courses. I would just go ride the park or go ski pow, haha, but that sport makes you one hell of a skier. After I quit ski racing my sophomore year of high school, I got really into half pipe and slopestyle contests. I loved them! The first couple years were the best.  Getting to do these competitions like Dew Tour, Grad Prix, and all the Opens was crazy. I mean, you were going up against all the best people in the world, so it definitely put some perspective in my head, that this could really be something that I could do for the rest of my life. I am the most ADD kid you have ever met, so after I got to that really high level at these comps, where I would make semies or finals, the pressure really got to me and I would just fold.  I would get so down on myself that I would either blow up or make a dumb mistake. I took a break this past season from competing and just focused mainly on the simple things like having fun and not worrying about the pressure that comes with competition. I wouldn’t say I am over them, but I just see things so much clearer when I am filming.

BS-What are your plans for this coming season? Any goals? 

CB- Well, considering I had such a great year last year, I think I am going to do the exact same thing. Clear mind, no expectations for anything, and just go out there and have as much fun as possible. Goals? Hmmmm… well there are a lot of ideas in my head that I would like to put into the works, but my main drive is to grow as a skier, do cool shit, and hope that people like it! Oh, and go to Japan hahaha!

BS-Tell us what your dream trip would entail:

CB-  Well, I don’t really have a dream trip but a dream season would be to travel all around the globe and just go to amazing places and ski really. I like the simple things…

BS-How fast can you shotgun a beer? 

CB -
I finally figured out how to thumb-gun the can so my shotgun skills have been getting loads better, but I’d say 5 seconds hahaha

BS-Anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

CB- Big thanks to all you dudes over at Bomb Snow who believed in me and brought me along this season and made me a member of the crew. Also Gabe @ Smith Optics for holding me down, Julian Carr @ Discrete headwear, Brain @ Sun Valley for helping me out this past season. Also big thanks to Mom and Dad for always supporting my dream! Ben Parker for helping me edit this sick project as well as my Brother AX MAN for always killing it in whatever we are doing. Well as a wise man once said, SKATEORDIE…



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