Music Mondays / Review of the Week

Artist:  Liftoff

Album:  Sunday Morning Airplay

Label: Fort Knox Recordings; 2012

Liftoff is a collaboration of Steven Albert, Steve and Johnna Raskin (of Speedy Consuela) and Thievery Corporation’s Rob Myers that takes you on a psychedelic, yet chill journey from start to finish. Their debut album Sunday Morning Airplay is a must buy.  Each track flows nicely from one to the other while still maintaining individuality, which is easier said than done.  Sunday Morning Airplay begins with the shoegazer “Autumn,” a sitar laden track with a fresh hip hop backbeat.  Steve and Johnna’s vocals lend a serene familiarity to the album, while the beats flesh out a groovy vibe that may make you want to get up and move around, or simply lie back and take it all in.  The entire album is worthwhile, but I would have to say “Nothing is Something” is one of my new obsessions – the mix of vocals and instrumentals are pure perfection.  Liftoff is new to the music scene as a group, but this is not the case for its components, they offer individual styles to each track and create a sound that is fresh and unique.  I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we have Liftoff!  - Kelsey Walsh


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