Cannabis Corpse: Beneath Glow Lights Thou Shalt Rise!

Cannabis Corpse and the Gateways of Inhalation, By: Punk Editor: -Harry (Skeleton Breth) Langohr Artwork BY: Andrei Bouzikov 

From an enshrouded, eerie, choking haze of terror, Cannabis Corpse strikes again from the psychedelic land of weed-infested death metal with yet another onslaught –  ”Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt RRRRIIIIIISE!!!!!!” The album begins and you inhale deeply as your mind is sucked into “Visions from the Dankside.” The pulsing beep of a heart monitor. The raspy breathing of an unknown being wheezes in and out. Electrical buzzing and a steady florescent humming. I can only imagine these unpleasant sounds are to paint the setting of picturesque horror that appears on the album cover. A mechanized percussion grows frantic as the pounding and clambering rises with the accelerating pulsation of the beeping heart monitor. A morbid squeal cries out to your petrified ears. Then, it happens. Cannabis Corpse exhales into your face with blasting technical ferocity, sending your restless mind into an unyielding tantrum of coughing, hacking and headbanging. Front to back the album is jam packed with gut crunching velocity. A worthy magnitude of interchanging drum fills and thunder plucking bass lines. Machine gun riffing curdles the senses to the opening barrage of “Blaze of TORRRRMENT” The album bubbles with mind warping fortitude and blunting brutality. Your eyes throb red with a dreadful gaze of baked agony. “Dead by Bong!” “Slave to the Chron!” Atmospheric solos carry and stretch all remaining perceptions of reality as you descend into… “Gateways of Inhalation!!!” As the albums title track concludes you are sent falling through unfathomable swirling voids of resinated dementia and pandemoniac green fantasy. You will be left as nothing more than a vaporized desiccated mass to retch upon the floor. Pray to the gods that you have the will power to start the album over for just one more hit… BUY OR DIE!!!  -HSBL Make Sure to Check out the bands label: TANKCRIMES at

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