Bring on the Brogue

By: Meg Haywood-Sullivan

Angry bees? Your girlfriend’s vibrator? No, it’s the drone of snowmobiles at 1 AM. This is southwestern Montana, slednecking/backcountry skiing mecca of the US of A, where sled fumes and faceshots for breakfast are a morning routine. This is a place where having a two-stroke engine as your other half, not showering for 4 days, sleeping in ski clothes, and rallying sleds to the bars is just another day in paradise.

There is a tendency for free-for all out here; sledders highmarking above skin tracks, point slides, gnarly cornice drops. Southwestern Montana is a place to be on your toes, to push the limits, and to ski/sled some of the most hairball lines of your life. This is the home of the Bomb Snow Brogue. Let the games begin.

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