Beans and Rice Freeride

Jake Sakson has been crushing the scene at freeride comps both telemark and alpine for the last few years. He holds a sick bird buckle and is constantly throwing down harder than most alpine skiers.  Jake runs a freeride telemark camp in the summer and Im sure you can guess what they serve for lunch. It is usually easier to make fun of telemarkers than to give props but after watching the first installment of Beans and Rice Freeride and witnessing his rap skills we knew we shouldn’t battle. -KT

Bomb Snow- Where did you grow up skiing?
Where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I grew up about 45 minutes away, not quite regal enough for that zone.

BS- Where are you based out of now?
I have spent a lot of seasons traveling around. I had a lot of fun skiing out of Driggs, ID last summer. Looks like I will be kicking it in Aspen a bit this winter.

BS- Have you always tele skied?
I grew up alpine skiing, switched to snowboard for a few years. Now I get my fix from playing Jonny Moseley Mad Trix and Shaun White Snowboarding. I switched to tele in Highschool. They don’t have a telemark video game.

BS- You competed the last few years in freeride comps with alpine skiers. What is it like being the only tele skier in the field?
I would rather be the oddman out there than the odd man out at the Republican National Convention.

BS- How did your Rice and Beans Freeride Camps get started? Where are they at?
My friend/partner Paul Kimbrough and I have wanted to start a camp for awhile. We tried in the winter but it was tricky to get one started. Beartooth Basin in Montana turned out to be the perfect spot, kids are out of school – plus its run by a fellow pin head!

BS- Any specific/big plans for this winter?
Ski the deep, huck, stomp – repeat.

BS- Is there more to life than eating beans and rice, skiing and being ridiculously good looking?
That is a difficult question to answer, maybe we will hear about it in one of the next episodes.

BS- What is the philosophy behind the beans and rice name. The camps and the episodes?
One of my best friends and I got obsessed with beans and rice after highschool. Most people in the world live off of beans and rice. To us it represents choosing adventure over comfort. Snow before caviar. It is a rejection of consumer values for something else….

BS- Any shoutouts?
Beans and Rice, Paul Kimbrough, David Yanez (edit mastermind) the sponsors (scarpa, flylow, 22designs, climbing skins direct, moment) and everyone else who helped out behind the scenes!

To see more of Jake Sakson and Paul Kimbrough check out this years Powderwhore Productions movie Elevation and look for the next episode of Beans & Rice Freeride here at Also, be sure to check out Jake’s freestyle skills below at your local apres scene.


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