Axel Peterson- Season Edit and Interview

Amidst a break from the high waters of the Pacific, which are currently raging thanks to the unseasonally late September storms, I caught up with “Ax-man” as he was driving back from Sun Valley to Bozeman. Axel spent the majority of last year filming, not skiing behind the camera, so it’s a refreshing site watching him shred the other side of the lens. Below is a short interview with the cinematographer and all-time ski enthusiast. -I prefer to refrain from using the word ski-bum, it’s overused and too akin to words like epic or hella.  Thanks for sharing Ax, you da man. - Todd Heath  // Photos by: Reid Morth

Bomb Snow
Where’d you grow up skiing?

I Grew up skiing in Sun Valley, Idaho. I alpine raced until high school, got frustrated with racing on pow days, and started free skiing.  Growing up in SV and shredding 3000 + vertical foot runs from 9-4, made me a strong skier at a young age.  I soon realized the potential of the backcountry North of Ketchum, and started spending all my time touring Galena Summit and the Sawtooths.

BS- When did you get into filming?

– I started filming skate movies at a young age growing up in Ketchum.  These two Peruvian brothers, Hali and Gunther Estrada, were living in the valley at the time and owned their own skate company
( Choncordia Skateboards).  They were working on a local skate film one summer, and I ended up giving them a lot of footage for the movie.  They were in their late twenties/ early thirties at the time, and I was 15, so being asked to film for their skate movie was a huge inspiration for me. We ended up having a premier of the skate film in Ketchum, and being a part of that at that age was the coolest thing ever.  Additionally, my multi-media teacher in high school, Mr. Olson, was a huge motivator for me.  He taught me all the details of editing videos, and was always supporting the videos I was making.  He was unlike any other teacher I had at the time, he actually cared. THANKS O-DAWG! From there, my passion grew into making ski films.

BS- Do you plan to ski in front of the lens more this year?
  AX – Yes, I plan on skiing a lot more in front of the lens this winter.  I am still focused on directing and producing Bomb Snow TV episodes, but I will take any opportunity I can to ski!

BS- What are your plans for this season?
AX – The plan for this season is more or less the same as last winter.  Traveling and chasing the pow! Hopefully make it up to BC again for a few weeks, and spend another month up AK!  I wouldn’t be opposed to sending it to Japan this year…
BS- How about your dream trip?
AX-Dream trip would probably be getting an invite to the Bomb Snow Hot Flash… shit is off the hook! Real deal progression. (Look below to watch last years event.)

BS- You fish all summer to pay for winter right? What’s the story there?
– I have commercial fished full time the past 7 summers.  My dad is the captain, and I get to work with my sisters. Its an awesome family business.  We split the summer fishing for sardines at the mouth of the Colombia River, and salmon in South East Alaska.  My dad started fishing when he was 18.  It is the perfect ski bum job…work all summer, and make enough money to ski all winter.  My dad spends the winter skiing in Sun Valley, and has set his life up nicely so he can do that.  Naturally, I am following in his footsteps.  Waking up at 4 AM every day definitely takes its toll.  Despite being one of the most difficult jobs there is, it is well worth. There really isn’t a better job for a ski-bum, or should I say- snow-enthusiast. – Ax


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