Artist: Blaine Fontana // interview

Bomb Snow: Blaine- First off, this is a huge deal for us to be showcasing your artwork in the Bomb Snow and on the cover. we’ve had many artists who’ve helped us, both past and present who i know first hand have been inspired by your work.  Thank you.

BF: It’s my pleasure.  It never gets old to hear I’ve inspired other artists.  This is one of the most flattering comments someone like me can hear.

BOMB: Recently you’ve created some really cool installations and sculpture pieces for various galleries. What do you like about 3-D work as opposed to painting? What is your favorite medium if any?

The birdhouse show collaboration is what started it all back in 05’.  After that I was hooked on creating an experience that will relate or argue with ones personal space in a controlled atmosphere.  Having done over 10 major installations, and given the fluid nature of my work, I don’t favor any particular medium. It’s using the cacophony of mediums together
that strengthen each individual piece of work.  Over the last couple years while enjoying my break from shows, it became
very clear that I no longer could consider myself a painter, but now, a creative human being.  A soul who creates a concept
and lets the idea govern the media and medium rather than disregarding its nature and molding it into its unfamiliar
completion……but really, I adore wood.

What do you do outside of the studio?

I’m a foody, I love craft beer, and I relax tending to my bonsai’s and working in my woodshop.  My dog Zeus is my best
friend.  I love doing dog days with him when I (rarely) choose to take a day off.  Lastly, I cherish the long and short road
trips my beautiful wife and I do.

Some art you’d recommend after being a curator?

I geek out more on designers than artists.  For instance: Matthew Billington, Scott Hansen, Matthew Curry, David Carson
…but thiers 2 artists who always stick out for me are Hiyao Miyazaki and Andy Goldsworthy.

Last good book you read, or books you’d recommend?

“The World With Out Us,” by Alan Weisman.
“Survivor,” by Chuck Palahniuk.

embrace the unknown 12 x 12 // acrylic on canvas

What are the driving forces in the work you create or message ?

Humanity’s depravity and beauty.

As both an art director and designer what are some of the favorite commercial pieces you’ve created?

By far the two international design projects I completed recently.  I wish I could say who and what they are, but I agreed
to a non- disclosure agreement that if I broke, I would have to shave the great sasquatch’s ball sack as punishment.
Can you imagine how swampy and dread locked them dogs are?.  I can say that one was for one of the top 3 largest Intl.
fast food chains, and second was a couple shoe projects for the 1st and 3rd largest apparel/shoe companies in the world.

You’ve recently moved back to Bainbridge Island and started a studio. Is it a live-in studio? Do you enjoy being away from the city?

I did, but it was a short run of 18 months.  Portland, OR is now my new home.  My wife and I finally launched a design
studio called LV8.  It had become overwhelmingly clear that we had a very long and meaty portfolio consisting purely of
design work.  Recently we just completed a motion graphics package with a friend from LA for a show that is airing on
Fuel TV any day now.

What takes up the majority of your time?   

Creating is 95% of my day.

Are you operating under strict deadlines? How do you deal?

Constantly.  I honestly don’t think about it anymore.  With a decade under my belt, it has become second nature to work
on the fly and often quickly.

I dream of "Balance" // from the I Dream Of series 2012

How do you keep a shop running?

When you do what you love for a living, you never have to work a day in your life.  It has its sacrifices, but waking up that
fact keeps me doing what I do every day.  Also having a regular schedule of arriving at the studio before 10am and staying
till work is done.

Is there a next step to world domination?  

Domesticating the sasquatch.

Anything else we should know about you? Shout-outs? Websites to look for?

I spend a lot of time on  My pals from across the pond, Supreme Being are putting out some topnotch
apparel I’ve had the pleasure creating for (
As I say frequently, “Behind ever good man is a better woman.”  Without my wife so much of my productivity,
professionalism and presentation wouldn’t have been accomplished.  Lastly, Vannen will be releasing my limited
edition watch late April (


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